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The activity is limited, such as payments made to anyone outside of India or their receipts, along with currency and foreign security offers. FEMA is the one who gives the central government the power to impose restrictions.

Without the general or specific MA permit, transactions with currency exchange or foreign security and payments from outside the country to India are restricted, transactions must only be made through an authorized person.


Foreign exchange offers under the current account of an authorized person may be restricted by the central Government, generally based on the public interest.

Although the sale or drawing of currencies is made through an authorized person, the RBI is empowered by this Law to subject capital account operations to a series of restrictions.


Indian residents may carry out foreign exchange transactions, foreign security or own or maintain real estate abroad if currency, security or property were owned or acquired when living outside of India or when it was inherited by he / she is someone who lives outside of India.

The rapid concentration of hundreds of millions of people in urban areas has put an extraordinary tension in the government to meet the basic needs of citizens. Many governments find that their existing water, sanitation and energy infrastructures are not capable of serving their populations rapidly. Through PPP, the advantages of the private sector: innovation, access to finance, knowledge of technologies, business efficiency and entrepreneurial spirit are combined with social responsibility, environmental awareness and local knowledge of the public sector in an effort to solve urban problems.


We will discuss the lack of PPP of the national economic policy 2006. We will also analyze various PPP programs such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Ganga Action Plan and Timarpur Okhla Integrated municipal waste management program. In addition, we will do a comparative study of the PPP model in India with respect to the United States and, finally, we will tackle the challenges of PPP.

Standard packaging would standardize the appearance of cigar packs, as it requires the removal of all brand images, including corporate logos and trademarks. Packages will display a standard background color and manufacturers could only print the name of the brand in a size, source and mandatory position. Other mandatory information, such as health warnings, would be maintained.


The plan envelope was implemented in Australia in 2012, and in France and the United Kingdom in 2016, and has been adopted in Ireland (pending the start date). Simple packaging is formally considered in Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Belgium and South Africa.

Trade and the environment “is a hot topic in political circles. The issue arose largely in the North American free trade debate (NAFTA). It also emerged as a concern for the efforts to carry it out The Uruguay Round of global trade negotiations under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) has become a central focus of discussions aimed at establishing a course for future multilateral trade talks and is the source of many bilateral tensions, such as the United States disputes with Norway on whaling, China and Taiwan on tiger bones and rhinoceros horns, Mexico on tuna fishing and dolphin deaths, Japan on the protection of marine turtles at risk of dying, Extinction, and Brazil on the preservation of forests. It also represents a key issue in the debates on environmental policies of climate change on exports of hazardous waste to the depletion of the layer of o zó, as well as a central element of the efforts to promote “sustainable development” and advance on the political agenda approved at the 1992 Earth Summit. Unfortunately, trade and environment policy does not include a single problem, but a multiplicity of related (and unrelated) concerns that have been integrated into the heading “commerce and the environment.” The debate on NAFI’A only raises a series of environmental concerns related to trade, including: fears that the expansion of trade would cause pollution spills in the United States due to the increase in industrial activity in Mexico;

FCRA, the Parliament approved in 2010 to consolidate the law that regulates the acceptance and use of the foreign contribution or hospitality for certain individuals or associations or companies and prohibit the acceptance and use of the external contribution or the “ Foreign hospitality for any activity harmful to nationals. interest and for matters related to him or incidents. [14]

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